Conditions of Probation – 2C:45-1

If a court sentences a person to probation it shall attach reasonable conditions necessary to insure that the person will lead a law abiding life or that will likely assist the person to do so.

Some conditions may include requiring the person to support his dependents and meet his family responsibilities, find and continue gainful employment, undergo available medical or psychiatric treatment and to enter and remain in a specified institution when required for that purpose, pursue a prescribed secular course of study or vocational training, attend or reside in a facility established for the residence of persons on probation, refrain from frequenting unlawful or disreputable places or consorting with disreputable persons, not to possess firearms or other weapons unless granted written permission, remain within the jurisdiction of the court and to notify the court or the probation officer of any change in his address or his employment, report as directed to the court or the probation officer, to permit the officer to visit his home, and to answer all reasonable inquiries by the probation officer, to pay a fine, to satisfy any other conditions reasonably related to the rehabilitation of the defendant and not unduly restrictive of his liberty or incompatible with his freedom of conscience, to require the performance of community service and to be subject to internet access conditions.

The court may require, in addition to the above conditions, any person convicted of a sex offense from having contact with the victim.

The court shall require the person to pay any financial assessments required under 2C:43-3.1 and make restitution if applicable.

The court shall order the person to pay a fee, not exceeding $25 per month for the term of probation, but the fee may be waived in cases of indigency.

Persons convicted of sex offenses may be subject to Internet access conditions.

The court may require the person to serve a county jail sentence of up to 364 days as a condition of probation.  If the person is convicted of a disorderly persons offense, the court may require the person to serve a county jail sentence of up to 90 days.


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