Why Choose Stephen Funk Law?

Mission statement

“The Law Office of Stephen F. Funk, LLC, is devoted to zealously and aggressively protecting the rights of the criminally accused by doing everything possible under the law to facebookhelp clients obtain a dismissal or a verdict of not guilty. My goal is to keep my clients out of prison/jail, help them keep their drivers’ licenses and avoid potentially debilitating fines and other financial penalties. I will fight as hard as I can to achieve the best possible result for my clients while always striving to make my clients comfortable in their time of need by fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect, open communication, honesty and compassion.”

EXPERIENCE – Mr. Funk’s career has spanned a decade and a half. He is dedicated to solving problems for his clients. He obtains the most favorable results possible through a variety of methods including trial, aggressive pre-trial motion practice or plea negotiations designed to minimize his clients’ exposure to all penalties. He has prevailed in cases on behalf of his clients following jury trials, bench trials, dismissals based on lack of evidence, dismissals based on unconstitutionally seized evidence, dismissals based on improperly obtained statements, appeals or through aggressive plea negotiations with the prosecuting authority.

KNOWS THE COURTS AND THE PEOPLE – Mr. Funk appears in courts throughout Atlantic County, Cape May County and Southern New Jersey on a daily basis. He regularly deals with, and is respected by, the Prosecutors, Judges and court personnel who will be involved in resolving your case.

TRIAL ATTORNEY – Mr. Funk will attempt to utilize all means under the law to have your case dismissed. Sometimes a trial is the only way to resolve a case. Mr. Funk thrives on, and has had notable success, standing up on behalf of his clients and arguing their cause to juries and judges.

PERSONAL ATTENTION – Mr. Funk is a solo practitioner who will handle every aspect of your case from beginning to end.

A PLAN TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM – Each case and each client is unique. Mr. Funk thoroughly evaluates every clients’ situation and develops a plan to solve their particular problem.

CASE MANAGEMENT – Sometimes cases take time. Mr. Funk believes that every clients’ case should be reviewed, updated regularly and analyzed for new possible strategies.

ACCESSIBILITY – Mr. Funk can be contacted 24 hours a day/7 days a week. If he is not available to immediately speak to you, he will return your call as soon as he possibly can.

OPEN COMMUNICATION – Through face to face meetings, phone calls, letters/memoranda, e-mails and texts, every client will be regularly advised where their case stands in understandable terms.

REASONABLE RATES – Attorney fees vary based on the facts and complexity of each case and we strive to create fee arrangements that make our law office affordable and accessible to all.